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Why We Are Different For Concussion Care in Omaha & Lincoln, NE

We Focus on Treatment, Not Just Management

One of the biggest shifts in concussion management, in practice and research, has been the focus on treatment. The challenge, however, is that few are familiar with recent scientific updates and have not received extensive training in treating concussions.

Before explaining how we will approach treatment, it is important to note some recent empirical findings:

  • Those who are delayed access to a specialty concussion provider (8 days or greater) are 5.8 times more likely to experience an injury lasting over 30 days. Not only does this mean more life disruption, but research also shows that injuries lasting over 30 days result in up to 3 times higher healthcare costs for injury.
  • Those who are seen in the ER or Urgent Care are likely to pay three times more for their injury compared to being seen directly by a concussion specialist.
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Our Commitment to Early Access

We are committed to increasing early access to specialty concussion care for all. Our goal will always be to have you seen within 24-48 hours, often seeing patients within the first hour when possible. Virtual visits via tele-concussion increases access and minimizes barriers to specialty care, such as transportation and distance.

In rare cases, we may order an imaging scan such as MRI or CT to examine the brain for possible bleeding or swelling in the skull.

Based on our findings during the exam, we will craft a personalized plan for returning to work or learning and returning to sports, while also providing education on dos and don’ts following injury. Based on your constellation of symptoms we will also prescribe a personalized home exercise program to expedite recovery and ensure that there are no long-term effects.

The number of visits will depend on the nature of your injury and adherence to our recommended treatment plan. With that being said, barring any major complications, you can expect on average 3 visits before medical clearance.

How Is a Concussion Treatable?

We have seen a cultural shift on how we view concussions. We have gone from paying too little attention, “You just got your bell rung, get back out there!” to now borderline hysteric, “One concussion means you will probably have permanent irreversible damage.” This hysteria leads to misinformation. Brain injuries have always been viewed as treatable. In fact, much more severe versions of brain injuries (concussions are considered a mild injury) are always approached with aggressive and acute rehab. Yet we have forgotten to take this same rehab/sports medicine approach with concussions. Our  approach to treatment and our focus on early access to specialty concussion care means less of a life disruption and a quicker/safer recovery.
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